An unmistakable Mediterranean flavour infused with perfect aromas. These olive oils imparts exquisite flavour to your preparations. Certainly a great choice for your main courses, ranging from stewed vegetables to grilled meats or fish. Best served with salads, soups, rice dishes, pasta and cheeses.

Did you know that the ancients used balsamic vinegar to cure bone ailments and combat rheumatism by rubbing it directly onto the affected area?  it’s highly versatile, it’s a great ally in the quest to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure, it helps combat cholesterol and it can help you lose weight. Introducing...Borges Balsamic Vinegar


Borges has been exporting a wide variety of nuts to over 60 countries for more than 40 years. A healthy way to enjoy a snack with the entire family.

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These Olives are of the finest releases from the house of Borges, known for its premium-quality food products. Carefully selected Manzanilla and Hojiblanka variety of Olives. Smooth in texture, oval shaped and have good amount of pulp. Try one now!


HAVE YOU GOT ANY MEDITERRANEAN RECIPE THAT SHOCKS everyone that taste it? Help us make it known all over the world!  Introducing BORGES Pasta!


It’s no coincidence that Bundaberg Brewed Drinks taste different to everything else. The truth is we’re not like other companies, and our drinks aren’t made like other drinks.

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Proud of its roots, Goldkenn is one of the few Swiss chocolate brands to feature the Swiss Made label on its product, which attests to the Swiss origins and expertise boasted by all its creations.Chocolate lovers can explore the various ranges, discovering delicious recipes which will delight the most discerning sweet tooth. Goldkenn's bold and innovative chocolate ideas differ from conventional chocolate, appealing to both children and adults and evolving in line with current trends.

Liking is an Italian brand of delicious candies. It has eight (8) exciting flavours to choose from, happy cola,toffee candy, spicchi candy, mix candy, mint candy, milk candy, fruits candy and frizzy candy.The most advanced production plant is characterized by an impressive daily production of 22 tons and 8tons respectively of hard and filled candies and toffees.

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There's nothing more satisfying than a delicious meal. But sometimes the odours created in the process of cooking can be unpalatable. That's why our revolutionary new product, Noor Aroma, is about to change the way you cook forever.


Royal Pasta brand is the market leaders in spaghetti, macaroni, and pasta-and-sauce bundles that provide more convenient easy-to-prepare pasta meals. Royal is a heritage brand for over 100 years, known for its premium quality and taste that FIlipinos prefer for many decades.


Tao Kae Noi is the largest seaweed manufacturer in Thailand, with more than 70% of the market share.It is manufactured with the most state of the art technology to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and freshness, while preserving its crispiness and natural taste. Packed full of goodness and delicious nutrients from the sea, you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime. Tao Kae Noi Crispy Seaweed can be consumed as a snack or as an addition to your meals. Try it with rice, in sandwiches, with soup, or on its own - it is simply irresistible.

“The Belgian” brand reflects the traditional chocolate making expertise from Belgium and has built up a strong reputation amongst chocolate lovers throughout the world. Its range of ten chocolate bars come in a chocolate flavor for every mood. You can choose between our Regular Bars or the No Sugar Added Bars.Every bar is wrapped in a luxurious package of the Belgian.

Welcome to a fabulous and delicious world of gummy candy delights. Trolli Candy has a huge selection of creative candy treats that will help you to exercise your jaw with excessive chewing. Fun, healthy & truly affordable!

Kroepoek Waroeng is a premium quality Indonesian cracker produced by Cahaya Kencana with hygienic process and modern packaging. All of its natural ingredients make it the clear choice for healthy and natural diet. Kroepoek Waroeng is a new healthy choice range of snacks for busy people, perfect to nibble on and a perfect addition to family meals. Cassava Chips, Mini Rose Onion Crackers, Star-shaped Garlic Crackers and Prawn. Crackers are all made using premium quality ingredients, modern hygienic manufacturing processes and regular quality checks.

Our story began over 140 years ago, when Thomas Bramwell Welch decided to serve grape juice instead of wine at his church. Welch was the first to pasteurize bottled fruit juice using Concord grapes, paving the way for a future industry. After its debut at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, Welch’s Grape Juice went on to become the national family favorite it is today.

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