"Business has a responsibility to give back to the community"


General Manager


Our Valued Customers and Partners,


PTC is one of Brunei's fastest-moving distribution company with over 200 suppliers worldwide. Together with its 2 affiliated companies in Australia, we have long been engaged in importation-distribution business focusing in food and household items.


We provide optimal solutions for all stages of our business - from market study, procurement, to logistics and sales. Supporting the realization of these solutions, linking businesses and coordinating customer affiliations are all important functions of our company.


Here in Brunei, a country in Southeastern Asia, bordering the South China Sea and Malaysia and lies on the north western region of the island of Borneo, we have embraced bigger & important roles & functions in providing life-sustaining needs and conveniences. A wide spectrum of our operations have grown in tandem with the rapid development of this country, we have been fortunate to have been a part of this development by means of sustaining its people's needs.


Capitalizing on our extensive global linkage, we are also planting and nourishing partnerships with various companies worldwide so as to identify new products to introduce and offer to our customers. While we continue to expand our business here, we also strive to fulfill our social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. In line with our Corporate Values of "Business Responsibility to Society", our goal is to contribute to the continuous advancement of society while keeping the environment clean and safe for the next generation.


Our staff is always on the move, visiting customers and seeking new potential partners here and abroad, in order to identify the needs of customers and to create new business opportunities.


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We strive to bring joy to simply good living!

Parvati 2016